Heaven’s Gate Coming

November 15th, 2010

This chronicle wrapped up a short while ago. Please check out the Heaven’s Gate LARP chronicle for the next SBN game.

Synopsis for the Evening of December 12th

December 14th, 2009

The gathering took place at Around the World in 80 Plates. Michael Stone had booked the restaurant for the gathering. Everyone slowly made there way in with Michael and Ivan asking to search everyone for weapons as Guns and Swords were to be left out in their cars.

There were several new comers to the gathering. Gerri brought along a new person, Terrance brought 2 of his students and one of their boyfriends and Michael brought his sister.

Tensions rose very quickly when Terrance stated that he could now read auras and that Michael and his sister’s auras were both red. Michael told everyone the story of how his sister had been bitten by someone a couple of weeks ago. This had turned her into someone that feeds off blood instead of food. She had tried to refrain from taking blood and as she was confiding with Michael she lost control of her hunger and took blood from him. This ended up turning Michael into a “vampire”.

With a fair amount of the gathering wanting answers tensions started to rise to the point where shouting and name calling started. Kevin who had been sitting off to the side with Patrick for a fair amount of the evening started calling Michael a blood cannibal. His shouts brought the attention of the room towards him and Patrick at which point Patrick took the brunt a verbal abuse from Cassidy and Alex. After some verbal sparring Patrick left the room angry and was later followed by Kevin and later Marcus.

While the trio discussed everything outside the discussion continued on the inside on what if anything could be done to help Michael and his sister. After an hour or two Marcus came back into the room and was followed eventually by Kevin, Patrick and Steven. Michael and his sister headed outside and while they were outside they a voice called up from the basement stating that “he was coming up and that if anyone made any sudden moves they would all be killed”. The voice came from Robert “Robbie” Teller, the Vice President of the Iron Wolves who was walking up the stairs.

When he reached the top of the stairs he told the gathering that if they gave up Big Dan to the Iron Wolves that they would be left alone but if they didn’t then Big Dan would still die and so would all of them. He headed back down the stairs being quickly followed by Michael who had seen him come up through the windowed door and then everyone else.

Michael was quick enough that he witnessed “Robbie” disappear much the same way that Big Dan had done a month earlier.

The discussion went late into the night focused on what to do about the Iron Wolves and Big Dan. Everyone agreed to meet in 2 weeks time (IC not OOC) to decide how they should proceed.

Another Prisoner Escape

December 11th, 2009

Authorities are once again facing criticism from the public for yet another erroneous release of a prisoner. A woman escaped custody early this morning while under interrogation for previous alleged crimes of theft and evasion. Communities are outraged by the lack of information that is being released regarding the circumstances of the incident and whether those conditions were the fault of lax security.

Brian Walsh, president of the Briarwood Community Association spoke out against the Saskatoon Police Service. “How could this have occurred under their watch, especially after the criminals that were set free from a Regina courthouse in September? Did they leave the front door open? It is simply unacceptable that there are dangerous criminals walking amongst our communities and that the Saskatoon Police Service are taking part in allowing them to instead of hindering them.”

At a press conference Chief of Police, Clinton Weils publicly addressed concerns. “I assure you that the location of our suspect is of prime importance. Public safety is our main concern and we are investigating the situation. Any one with information regarding the whereabouts of the individual should come forward to the police. The individual is not considered to be violent, but exercise caution and call 911 should you have suspicion.”

The incident of the prisoner’s escape is currently under investigation and the officers responsible for the suspect has been temporarily suspended from duty. The individual is described as a caucasian woman aged eighteen to twenty five, tall with an average build, green eyed and blonde. No further details have been released.

Gang Violence at Long Branch

December 10th, 2009

Chief of Police, Clinton Weils finally described the events of last month to reporters on Wednesday. At a private after hours Christmas party at the Long Branch a random mistake lead to an fatal attack. Police questioned Kirk “Small-Sack” Epps prior to his death and discovered that he believed that by attempting to kill a member of the Posse that he would be brought fully in as a member of the gang Iron Wolves. When Epps broke into the party he attacked Randell “Big Dan” Thorn of Big Dan’s Towing and Thorn defended himself with a steak knife that was near by. Epps ended up suffering fatal wounds while Thorn’s wounds placed him in the hospital with serious nut not fatal wounds. Thorn is still in the hospital under police watch but do not expect any form of retaliation from the Iron Wolves as Epps “screwed up” and that the rest of the Wolves appear to be mending fences with the Posse instead of confronting them.

Bodies identified

December 10th, 2009

At a press conference this past Wednesday Staff Sergeant Justin Crowe of the Major Crime Section stated that the burnt remains found in the river are indeed the missing Peter Unger, Paul Wainwright, John Clancy, and Alice White. Crowe stated that the police are currently investigating and possible connections between White and the three Persephone actors. White’s ex-husband Clayton Grady expressed a certain amount of relief in that he is now able to finally mourn and has asked that anyone with possible information concerning his wife or the actors no matter how inconsequential provide that information to Sergeant Crowe.

Saskatoon Police Seeking Outside Help in Tracking Mass Murderer

November 13th, 2009

SASKATOON — Chief of Police, Clinton Weils told reporters this past Wednesday that they have officially requested both Provincial and Federal support in tracking down wanted mass murderer Raymond Fowler. Fowler has been at large since earlier this spring. Fowler has been responsible for 14 known deaths. Police are also warning once again that Fowler is known to be extremely dangerous and any attempt to apprehend him should only be done by the proper officials. Weils warned that Fowler is extremely dangerous and should not be approached if encountered. The best response is to contact 911 immediately.

Saskatoon emergency rooms swamped with flu cases

November 13th, 2009

SASKATOON — A 33 per cent jump in emergency room visits to hospitals in Saskatoon has prompted a change in procedure. The Saskatoon Health Region reports that in November 2008, 300 people per day were showing up at the emergency departments of the two hospitals in the city. In the first two weeks of this month, however, the number has risen to 400 patients per day. The additional pressure is being linked by officials to people visiting the hospital with flu-like symptoms. Officials did not indicate if patients were exhibiting signs of seasonal flu or symptoms associated with the swine flu. The region is opening an influenza assessment unit at one hospital, St. Paul’s, to ease the burden. It was set to open Saturday afternoon. Two nurses will see people to determine the best way to treat their symptoms. “We have a triage plan for people experiencing mild, moderate and severe influenza-like illness,” Leanne Smith, director of ambulatory care planning for the heath region, said in a release outlining details of the new unit. “This will help reduce viral infection spread in waiting rooms, fast-track services for those with influenza-like illness so they can be assessed and treated as quickly as possible,” she added. The unit will operate from 4:30 p.m. to 10:30 p.m. on Saturday, Sunday and Monday. Officials said they may continue the program next week until pressure on the ER departments is reduced. They added that people with mild symptoms should try to stay at home and, if they need to see a doctor, go to a walk-in medical clinic or their family physician. As well, children with severe symptoms should still go to emergency at Royal University Hospital in Saskatoon.

Two Saskatoon Fires In One Night

November 13th, 2009

SASKATOON — The City of Saskatoon saw two fires Thursday night. The first was a 25,000 volt power switch fire in the city’s south end, south of Circle Drive just before seven O’clock. The fire caused outages in the Stonebridge, Grasswoods, and Willows areas. That fire was extinguished, and then crews headed over to a ready to move home development site east of Highway 11, near Grasswoods Road. One of four ready to move homes was fully involved in flames. The fire has now been extinguished. Saskatoon Battalion Chief Jim Wood says they are investigating the cause, and don’t have any reason to believe the two evening fires in the city’s south are related.

Multiple Burnt Bodies found in River

November 13th, 2009

SASKATOON — The Saskatoon Saskatoon Fire & Protective Services’ river rescue team received quite a shock when their divers discovered the charred remains of multiple bodies this past Friday. The river rescue team was performing its final summer dive of the year near the Traffic Bridge when one of their ropes snagged on something. Diver Jackson Reyolds chose to dive to the bottom to release the snag. When he reached the bottom Reynolds found the charred remains of a body. After Police services were called in 4 bodies were pulled from the river. Staff Sergeant Justin Crowe of the Major Crime Section said that while nothing is official there is little doubt that the bodies were placed there by someone. The Saskatoon Police are requesting any information on recently missing people.

Updated Downtime

July 15th, 2009

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