Getting Started

The first step is getting in touch with us. You’ll want to talk to one of the Storytellers – when in doubt, send and e-mail to We run a highly interconnected game, and just showing up at the door, character sheet in hand, probably won’t be taken too kindly. Talking with the Storyteller ahead of time and hammering things out is a better use of everyone’s time. Plus, we’re friendly folk, always happy to introduce a new person to our hobby.

Things to think about for your first character

Some people are happy showing up to talk to the Storyteller with no particular ideas in mind and just a desire to play, and that’s something we encourage. Perhaps you’re already talking to the Storytellers, or want to brainstorm a few ideas before getting in touch. That’s cool too, but here are some things you should have in mind:

  • Why has your character come to Saskatoon, and why will they stay here? Saskatoon can be a pretty strange and unfriendly place in the World of Darkness. Unless your character has a solid reason to come here, you might find that they simply desire to turn around and leave again, which isn’t very much fun for anyone.
  • Who is your character connected to? This ties into the first question in many ways. Your character must have heard about Saskatoon from someone, right? If you can establish a connection to one(or, better, several!) of the characters already in play, you’ll provide yourself with hooks into the game and characters you already have the beginnings of a story with.
  • How will your character fit in? Often this means thinking about Order and Cabal. Antisocial characters can be fun, but the brooding loner who stands in the corner and does nothing is pretty boring to play in a predominantly social game. You’ll spend most of your time interacting with other characters, so give some thought to the types of interactions you’ll be having.
  • How will your character stir up trouble? Fitting in is good, but if you never get into trouble you’ll probably have a pretty boring existence. What dangerous interests or vices does your character have? If she is going to become involved in exciting stories and perilous plots, give her a reason to dive in head first!

Playing the Game

At the beginning, if you’re new to LARP, it can be overwhelming. Please feel free to stop and ask questions about anything you don’t understand. Also, please stop and ask if you don’t know what to do or if you can’t think of the right way to do something. You should have a character created already, with the help of a Storyteller or an experienced player.

The whole point of LARP is creating a story with a bunch of other people. It’s not always about fighting monsters and getting treasure (although if that’s what you want your story to be, then you can do it). Interacting with other characters is one of the main attractions. This is why having a well thought out character, complete with a believable personality and motivations, is important both for your enjoyment and everyone’s around you.

If you are used to playing tabletop roleplaying games, there is a big difference between that and LARP. The sheer size of a LARP makes the logistics different, both playing and Storytelling. There is a greater burden on the Storytellers, because the range of interests, abilities and motivations of the characters(and the players!) is much greater. There is a greater burden on the players to contribute to the game, because the ST/player ratio is much different.The players have to do some of the organizational work themselves, like submitting experience and downtime email, keeping the Storytellers up to date on any changes, and even contributing to the plot!

If you find that you are bored at an event, ask yourself why. Do you need external plots to stay active? Do you have any internal motivations? Does your character have any ambitions? Why does your character get up each morning? The Storytellers are not going to provide you with answers to these questions, and if you can’t answer them yourself you probably won’ have much fun at a LARP. It is your responsibility to create a character that will work well in the current LARP setting.