Current Storytellers

John Barry Allison
John Allison
A.K.A.: John, Barry, John A.K.A. Barry, Skippy, Mike
Bio: Switched over from being a player after the end of the Harvest of Blood Chronicle and was somewhat involved with the Dark Ages Chronicle. He is now taking a more active envolvement with the new Requiem chronicle. Started gaming back in Grade 7 way too many years ago. He has only been involved in the LARP scene since 2003. Also one of the Co-Presidents for the Saskatoon Larp Association.
Likes: Iced Tea, not worrying so much about the rules or the system and just getting into character, Carnivàle, Family Guy, MASH, Zucchero, The Police, Pink Floyd and other stuff
Dislikes: Dr. Pepper, Work and a bunch of other stuff

Past Storytellers

Wade Lahoda
Wade Lahoda
A.K.A.: Wode Lohodo, Martin Hartshorn, Listens-to-Shadows, Peter Mikelos, Reverend David Blackwell, etc, etc, etc…
Bio: Still the youngest member of the Saskatoon by Night Storytelling team. Played his first game October 1996, and returned a year later as a full-time player in October 1997 as Martin Hartshorn. Was a player and Storyteller for a brief time in the ill-fated Dark Web game. One of the unholy triumverate that created the Harvest of Blood chronicle in the summer of 2001, and upon his election as head Storyteller of Saskatoon by Night in December of 2001, he pulled Saskatoon by Night(which had just finished its original continuity) and the fledgling Harvest of Blood game together. Games entirely too much. Known for being extremely long-winded.
Likes: THIS GAME!!! A low weirdness World of Darkness. Realistic characters with realistic motivations and local, character-driven plot. Players who aren’t afraid to invest emotionally in their role-playing.
Dislikes: Disorganization(even though frequently guilty of such). The million-and-oneth “unique” character concept. People who can’t see that role-playing weaknesses is often more fun than role-playing a “cool” character. People who have to be told the same thing repeatedly. People who replace “a” with “o” just to annoy him. 😉
Quinn Kurenda
Quinn Kurenda
A.K.A: Baby Quinn, Q-Ball, Xavier Giovanni, Alessandro Del Galvan Luna, Maw (the originator, even if only for a week!)
He has been playing LARP since Dec. 1997, or Jan. 1998. (not really sure) when he started with Xavier Giovanni as a ghoul. He has played in a White Wolf’s Werewolf chronicle, as well as RbN during his stay in Regina; plus inumerable one shot LARPs. He has a keen interest in mood, set, and theme, drawing on his background with theatre.
Likes: IC concequences(sp?) for IC actions, character development, angst and smoked oysters on vegetable crackers.
Dislikes: Blood Powered Superheros, and having to far to run with to little fuse.
Al Schnell
al Schnell
A.K.A.: Aden Kossuth, The Breaker of Denis, Monolithic Fishmonger X
Bio: Head ST of SbN from the spring of 2001 until December of the same year. Rejoined the Saskatoon by Night Storytelling team headed by Wade in January of 2004.
Layne Myhre
Layne Myhre
A.K.A.: Prince Jonathan, ZAQ, Fuzzball
Bio: Layne has been gaming since before he cares to recall. He is the oldest (and therefore the most jaded) of the current SbN Storytellers. Layne has been involved with SbN since its formation, back in June of 1995, when only the REAL freaks were involved with the game. He has served as an Influence Narrator for SbN and as Storyteller or Head Storyteller of various other LARPS on and off for the past 7 years… and yet for some reason he keeps coming back for more. He is currently the SbN Influence Storyteller. Layne hopes some day to finish his University career and get a real job, but no one is holding their breath.
Likes: Players who never break character, nifty costumes, reminiscing about “the good ol’ days”, players who have side-scenes without prompting from the STs, Iron Chef, cherry whiskey, and Discordianism.
Dislikes: Overly-fast character turnover, people who whine about rules or XP, players who break character too often, soggy breakfast cereal, collectible card games, and winter.
Denis McBain
Denis McBain
A.K.A.: Herr Docktor Beckner, The Master of Funk and Evil, La Denissio
Bio: Denis is a second-generation Saskatchewan gamer-geek. He has been involved with Saskatoon vampire LARPS since late 1997, and is a past master at playing the creepy conniving bastard. No one knows whether this is attributable to role-playing talent or just past life experiences. He is renowned for his ability to play “Eerie Presence” without meaning to. He was known for being the most bitter and cynical of the SbN Storytellers, but only by a narrow margin.
Mitch Haggman
Mitch Haggman
A.K.A.: Captain Cool, Jimmy the Anarch, one half of the Wu Tang Clan
Bio: Born at a young age, Mitch started LARPing in Regina and quickly established dominance in sufficient amounts to become a Storyteller there. When he saw the light and moved to Saskatoon, Randy gave him noogies until he agreed to Storytell here too. Took the game off of Randy’s hands in January 2000 and stayed on variously as an ST or Narrator until the spring of 2001.
Likes: Ebonics, mind-numbing amounts of video and card games, and mangoes. Especially mangoes.
Dislikes: Being reminded of his petite thorax, being reminded that he’s white, and other people writing his Web page writeups for him.
Jill Bell
Jill Bell
A.K.A.: Af, the Archangel of Bitterness/ the “Enforcer”
Bio: Part of SbN since 1996, initially as a player. Storyteller (in some capacity) of Saskatoon by Night for two years, formerly Dean of Admissions and character/plot narrator. Wonders why anyone would want to play a “hack and slash” character in a politically fuelled game, and smiles frequently. Hopes to someday become the “crazy cat lady”. She was head ST after Mitch, and stepped down in the spring of 2001, handing the game and her Narrator team over to Al’s capable hands.
Likes: Storyline and character consistency, realistic consequences, all things spooky, and Captain Proton. Oh yeah, and penguins.
Dislikes: Grammatical errors in all forms, twink philosophy, rules in general (prefers solid roleplaying to endless rock-paper-scissors challenges), Capitalism, and sticky socks.
David Hutton
David Hutton
Bio: Born 1967 (long in tooth). Started playing D&D with the Blue Box set. Was DM of a weekly campaign for 7 years, at the close of which, characters were an average of 6th Level with 2.1 magic items each. He took over from Sean as Influence Storyteller for SbN in 1998 and stayed with the team for one full year.
Likes: Atmosphere (wants to put the Theater back into MET). Knowing all the stories.
Dislikes: Rule systems. Loose ends. Being told about your last successful combat. Being told how many disciplines you have and why these will make you invincible. People not volunteering.
Pet Philosophy: “Good story. Run with it.”
Flaws: I will not remember your name. Please feel free to introduce yourself. Also, I whine a lot about being dateless. Please disregard.
Randy Mosiondz
Randy Mossiondz
A.K.A.: The ‘Alpha’ Gaming Geek/Computer Geek
Bio: Storyteller of many years, ran both Regina by Night and Saskatoon by Night. Prefers a ‘realistic’ World of Darkness, one that has consequences for character actions, and an internal consistency. Has dreams of building a better LARP. He was head ST of SbN from August of 1998 through January 2000, one of the game’s greatest periods of stability.
Likes: ‘Realistic’ character concepts, a bit o’ nihilism, self-imposed character limitations, and jumbo Trads and tortellini with alfredo sauce after a LARP.
Dislikes: Clunky rule mechanics (i.e. MET), players who exploit system loopholes, the rare and unique becoming commonplace, and people who whine about XP.
Sky Sorenson
A.K.A: The Gazebo man!
Bio: I helped run Saskatoon By Night for some time, followed by the lofty “head storyteller” title for several months (in all, December 1997-August 1998). Sadly, this was a case of Vision without Organizational System, and we all know where that leads. It was pretty fun, though, and nobody threatened to do nasty things to me; not even Randy, who inherited the pieces. <grin>
Likes: A clan stereotype played so well that it seems unique, smooth, unobtrusive combat scenes, XP spent on useless ‘decorative’ skills, John Brunner, and lighter fluid (heh). Oh, and garlic.
Dislikes: Poorly rounded characters, being asked questions that are plainly answered by that big sign right in front of you, margarine and artificial sweetener.

Completely neutral on: The softness of toilet paper. What a silly thing. I mean, maybe I’m just insensitive, but…
Sean Farough
Sean Faroough
Bio: A Saskatoon player, then a Regina Storyteller (he started the game there, in 1996!) then Saskatoon Influence Narrator extraordinaire. His tenure on the SbN team lasted only 4 months (August to November, 1998), but his input to the game over the years has been considerable.
Amy Skopik
Amy Skopik
A.K.A.: Sofy, Runs- With- Scissors, Camilla
Bio: Amy has helped the game as a narrator and/or creative consultant for almost it’s entire run of existance. She took the mantle of Storyteller for almost a year (1997) before burning out. She handed off the game to her Co-Storytellers, Jill Bell and Brock Knudsen, and has never looked back.
Likes: Netscape, compliments on stuff she’s created, cold beer.
Dislikes: Pizza, licorice, twinks and stupidity.
Brock Knudsen
Brock Knudsen
Bio: Ran the Werewolf side of the game when it was sharing continuity with Saskatoon by Night, and later continued to run the same game but no longer in the same multiverse (the leeches were just too damned friendly :> ). His group separated from Saskatoon by Night in the winter of 1997.
Seamus Patterson
Seamus Patterson
A.K.A.: Dark Lord of the Sith, Prince Wilhelm Strauss, Archon Jean Sauvage
Bio: Seamus took over from Simon in the fall of 1995, although Simon quickly returned to Storytelling as Seamus’ right hand man. The two of them ran an exciting game that lasted over a year before they both decided that they needed a break and handed the game over to Kim Quinton. Seamus was known for playing the mighty NPC Prince Wilhelm Strauss, without a doubt the most powerful and unassailable Prince Saskatoon by Night has ever known.
Terry Wright
Terry Wright
A.K.A.: Gaunt, Laughs-From-Shadows & Jonathan Doe
Bio: Helped Amy run the game from January-July, 1997. Has been gaming as long as he can remember. Started and helped maintain the current SbN web pages (although Amy and Wade have changed so much, he wonders if there is any of his code left.) Anything else you want to know, ask!
Loves: Jennifer, Long-term plots, people who throw themselves 100% into the game while playing, but realize there is more to life than gaming.
Despises: Storytellers with PC’s, players who are allies with each other no matter what character they are playing, players who promise you they will do things and never do them.

Original Storyteller and Creator of Saskatoon By Night

Simon Giles
Simon Giles
Bio: The guy who started this whole mess and set us all on our path of lifelong addiction to LARP, damn his eyes!
Dislikes: This picture (it was Halloween…)